Welcome to the Just My Thoughts – Business blog. I made this website as a platform to discuss my thoughts on new marketing strategies and how businesses should use them.

As a professional marketing consultant, I help companies achieve their marketing goals by examining weaknesses in their marketing plan and implementing new online marketing strategies.



Web and Marketing Strategies (WAM) is a full service digital marketing agency in Washington, DC. Our company specializes developing powerful marketing campaigns that deliver instant results for our clients.

One of the ways we separate ourselves from other marketing companies is that we own several segmented marketing channels. This advantage helps lower the costs of our services and reach a more targeted audience for our clients.


I’ve had a couple of business owners admit to me that they either don’t have the money for my marketing company’s services OR they simply don’t need our services yet.

I advise many of them to just hire me as a marketing consultant so that they can get still get the quality marketing insight they desperately need for their company without investing a ton of money.

Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in this option.


I enjoy working and I believe that eating right and working out is very important. I like to box at a local gym and weight life a couple days out the week.

If you have any workouts or events you would like to share, please Contact Me.