Guess Who is the Most Followed Celebrity on Instagram?

Top Celebrities Using Instagram

Let’s play a game.
Here is a list of the Top 20 celebrities in 2016 who use social media on a regular basis. If you had to guess who would be the most followed person on Instagram, who would you choose?

Possible Celebrities:

  1. Kanye West
  2. Beyonce
  3. Lebron James
  4. Taylor Swift
  5. Justin Bieber
  6. Kim Kardashian
  7. DJ Khaled
  8. Kevin Hart
  9. Connoc Mcgregor
  10. Donald Trump
  11. Selena Gomez
  12. Cristiano Ronaldo
  13. Kendall Jenner
  14. Nicki Minaj
  15. Drake
  16. Ariana Grande
  17. Kylie Jenner
  18. Khloe Kardashian
  19. Kendrick Lamar
  20. Rihanna

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Twitter has officially changed their 140 character limit

Twitter has finally answered many marketing professionals prayers by editing their 140 character limit restriction on their messaging service. The company will no longer count pictures, videos or links as part of the message.

(Currently links, images and videos take up 23 characters from the 140 characters)

This will allow users to create a stronger message that will hopefully connect with their followers.

Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey, said that the company will release the new changes in the next couple of weeks and that the new change is, “a step in a larger plan to give users more flexibility on the site.”

Bloomberg Video – Twitter New Character Limit Change: