Documentary: We Live In Public


Meet Josh Harris.  According to director Ondi Timoner, Josh Harris is “the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of,” a point she skilfully executes in her Sundance award-winning documentary WE LIVE IN PUBLIC.

One of my friends told me about this documentary when we were discussing Reality TV. We specifically were discussing the poor quality of content media networks are serving their users in order to increase their viewership and ratings for advertising purposes.

So I decided to watch the documentary on YouTube and it was definitely one of the best business documentaries I’ve seen this year.

Interesting Facts:

How Long Did It Take To Reach 50 Million People:

  1. Radio: 38 years
  2. Television: 13 years
  3. Internet: 5 years


I don’t want to spoil the documentary for you by posting a summary here, but just know that Mr. Harris was ahead of his time and I keep thinking back to a quote I heard him mention in the video.

A few hundred years ago, lions and tigers were the kings on the jungle. Then one day they wound up in zoos.

I suspect we, as human beings, are on the same track.