Shareablee, a social marketing company that specializes in data, today released its brand rankings for the companies that created the best engagement via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the third quarter. It’s filled with sports players like the NFL, NBA, MLB and Bleacher Report, as well as a pseudo-sports marketer in WWE.

But National Geographic continues to flex its social media muscle, as it has for months shown a predilection for offering viewers visually stunning photos and videos from around the world. According to Shareablee, it is currently the No. 1 brand for social engagement. It has 34 million followers on Instagram alone.

What’s more, National Geographic Travel is No. 13 on the data company’s Q3 ratings. So it seems abundantly clear that the Washington, D.C.-based publisher has quietly assembled an all-star team of social marketers.

Check out the full rankings:   


i Total actions is the sum of all post-level likes, shares, comments, retweets and favorites.
ii Total content is the sum of all posts and tweets published by each brand across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
iii Total fans/followers includes fans and followers for all properties under each brand as of September 30, 2015.
iv Percent of Engagement from video metric is the percentage of total actions that were brought in by video posts and tweets across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
*This ranking excludes sports teams, TV shows and public figures.

The Top Five Performing Categories ranked by social media actions across all platforms are:

  • Entertainment (10.7 billion)
  • Media Publishing (4.3 billion)
  • Sports (2.3 billion)
  • Retail (1.3 billion)
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (386.3 million)

Other notable findings include:

  • Entertainment captured the largest share of voice at 54 percent, followed by Media Publishing at 22 percent, and Sports at 12 percent.
  • In Q3 2015, U.S. brands saw a 22 percent growth in social amplification (sum of shares and re-tweets) compared to Q3 2014.
  • The top performing brands by social platform, which can be seen in the charts below.

For the full shareablee report, please click the link below: