No More Flash-Based Ads or Websites on Google


For years, I have been telling clients that Flash-based websites like are TERRIBLE for your search engine marketing efforts and they should stop using them immediately.

Recently, Google has announced that it won’t be accepting flash-based ads after the end of June 2016. Going forward, all ads will have to be coded in HTML5. Flash is now widely regarded as a performance-hampering safety hazard and more and more companies are turning their back on what was once the industry standard.

Citing security concerns, Mozilla recently disabled the Flash plugin in its Firefox browser by default; Amazon has banned it from its advertising network and other companies are following suite. In January 2016, just 18 percent of websites in the Alexa Top 10,000 used Flash, down from almost 50 percent four years earlier.

Percentage of Flash Websites Chart:

Infographic: Bye Bye Flash! | Statista

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