Great Example of a Low-Cost Print Campaign

Summit Hills Property Management Silver Spring

Here’s a quick marketing story for you.
Today is Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 and its currently around 82 degrees in DC.

I’m riding home from my office on the metro and as soon as I get off, I’m greeted by two people, Alberto & Giselle, who are passing out cold water bottles by the Silver Spring metro exit.

Now I usually don’t stop to talk to brand ambassadors, but something was different with these two.

  1. They were both well-dressed.
  2. They had great energy and friendly body language.
  3. They were speaking to every metro rider professionally.

So I decided I would take them up on their offer and grab a water bottle to drink on my short walk to the parking garage. When I looked at the water bottle, I saw the name of the property they worked for on a sticker. Twin Towers Apartment Homes. 

I was impressed that this property took the time to put together a strategic low-cost print campaign (Using Black & White Stickers) and for deciding to offer a product that their target audience would find VALUABLE.  (Cold Water on a Hot Summer Day During Peak Metro Traffic)

It’s obvious that Twin Towers has a competitive edge against their competitors, which is being located so close to the Silver Spring metro station. (Only One block away)

Why is this valuable? Because now potential renters know that their friends or family members can visit them easily by just getting off the Silver Spring Red Line Metro stop. No parking hassles which equals Peace of Mind.

If I had to change or add anything, I would add another low-cost print medium (Like a Promo card) with a strong call-to-action that would entice people who are currently looking for an apartment to stop by before Sunday night. (Maybe its discount  or a chance to win a raffle contest?)

I would also try to take some selfie images with people who are smiling and received a water bottle and post them all  on social media using hashtags for the property. (Especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

Overall, this is a great example of a low-cost print campaign, mixed with strategic guerrilla marketing.


Twin Towers: Leasing Professional Business Card

My apartment lease isn’t up for another 6 months, but when I do decide to move somewhere I will definitely remember my interaction with Giselle & Alberto from Southern Management Apartments.



Sprint Recruits Old Verizon Spokesman

James Betterson Marketing Professional

Sprint has thoroughly impressed me with their new advertising campaign.

I watched the new commercial last night during the Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers NBA finals game and I immediately wanted to share it with my network. The strategy behind the campaign is very creative!

I’m interested to see if the marketing campaign connects with potential customers. We’ll just have to wait and see if Sprint sales go up for the month of June and July later this summer.

I will definitely post an update once that information is released.

Sprint Commercial 2016 Paul Marcarelli Switched: